Mela Leadership Team

Mela Works offers a platform where big and small industrial players can communicate with one another, increasing work efficiency, safety, and quality for the entire ecosystem.

We are passionate about field work and we have lived through the pain caused by the lack of adequate tools to easily collect information on site and communicate across stakeholders. A lot has been done to digitise work planning, design, scheduling, accounting, etc. but little attention is given to work execution. 

We built Mela to close the gap between the office and the action in the field, and we strongly believe that tools should be simple, effective, and get out of the way. The information gathered is collected in a database that becomes knowledge for the company used to improve field work activities. 



Riccardo Mela Works


Riccardo has worked in safety of industrial plants since his graduation in nuclear engineering, in 2004. He is passionate about performance improvement, safety culture and human error reduction techniques. 

Before putting his experience into Mela, Riccardo worked in a large utility for eight years in different roles, including that of performance improvement manager at a nuclear power plant. He also worked several years in international organisations, setting safety standards and helping industrial organisations improve their performance.
Riccardo loves travelling and exploring new places. He has lived in five different countries and has travelled across the world learning new languages and familiarising with new cultures.


Francesco Mela Works


After spearheading process improvement at several nuclear facilities across Europe, Francesco headed the international expansion efforts at a fast-growing eCommerce firm.

He has advanced degrees in mechanical and nuclear engineering as well as an MBA from INSEAD, where he founded the Arts Club. He recently gave up his dream of growing a few inches and playing in the NBA, but he's now active tracking his food recipes using Mela.


Emanuele Mela Works


Emanuele has a strong leadership experience in industrial environments, where he has held roles as engineering and maintenance manager at several nuclear and conventional power plants.

He started as a mechanical engineer and soon focused on understanding the importance of communication and strong team cooperation to reach outstanding results. Hence came the dream of Mela as a tool for simple and effective information management during work execution.

Emanuele dislikes hand writing, he's happy to finally handle many daily tasks by just taking pictures, speaking, and letting Mela do the rest.