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Our Story - A tale of three engineers

It is an early morning at a production facility when something is about to happen... 

08:00 AM - The operations team informs Engineering about a leaking valve somewhere in the feedwater system of Unit B. A confusing 20 minute exchange between engineers and staff on site provides no insights. If the information about the leaking valve is correct, it could kill people!

09:00 AM - Three engineers travel to the site to inspect the problem - a 20 minute walk. But they cannot find any leak... they go back to the office for clarifications. 

10:00 AM - The leak is actually on a safety valve much further away from the reported area. It's a critical one and could cause a major incident if not fixed promptly. On-call contractors are brought in, and paperwork sorted out before they can begin.

11:00 AM - The contractors have to go back to the warehouse because they do not have the right spare parts. 

03:00 PM - Maintenance and engineering managers visit the site to check progress of the work. 

06:00 PM - The problem is fixed. More forms need to be laboriously filled and a detailed report is written about the sequence of events and equipment condition. 

08:00 PM - The plant director calls the maintenance manager asking to add photos to the report. The engineers must travel back to the site, take photos and send them to the manager who in turn has to put them in the right format and add them to the report.

Midnight - Finally, a typical day at a production facility comes to an end after plenty of miscommunication, paperwork and reporting errors with potentially serious consequences.

The three engineers, working at one of the world's largest energy companies, experienced these frustrations every day. They realized that a lot of time and effort could be saved if there was an easy tool to record and communicate all their fieldwork and to automatically generate reports.

A few years later, their dream came true as they launched an industry-changing app that anyone anywhere can start using with one simple click - Mela.