Our History

Mela Works Ltd was born in 2016 from the dream of the three founders: digitize the work where the action takes place. In their strong industrial experience, they had found that work on site and information about it are often misaligned. Why? Because we do the work in the field but speak about it at the office. There came the idea of Mela Works: close the gap between the office and the field. Do something that can close the information gap between the action and all the stakeholders that need to know about it. 

The analysis started from the fact that business had done many efforts in digitization of their process using company networks and desktop software’s. This helps people preparing their work, managing assets, teams, designing machines and doing accounting, but when it come to the action this first digitization step is not enough anymore. Action is in the field and you cannot do it from the office, and it involves many different actors that need fast and close collaboration. There comes the idea that bringing together cloud, mobile technologies and a mobile way of thinking about the problem we could do a lot more to help people. 

From that moment a lot have been done, designing and improving a tool that can adapt from heavy industrial environment to normal life situation, helping people focusing on the action that is ongoing, on the safety of their collaborators and the efficiency of their team.




The Founders 
Riccardo Chiarelli is a 

    Francesco Putignano 

        Emanuele Zamponi has strong experience on industrial environment covering different position from maintenance manager of big thermal power stations, to engineering leader and business improvement expert. Starting as mechanical engineer, he focused on understanding the importance of people communication and strong team cooperation o reach important results. He had the chance to work on many different countries getting deep knowledge of challenging business situations where people and field action are essential for top performances.