Lead Software Engineer

Mela is hiring!





Young company disrupting the industrial sector is looking for a passionate hands-on software engineer capable of working on the entire stack including the system architecture and to lead the existing engineering team.

This is a unique opportunity to join a new player in a vibrant market. The right candidate will be considered for the position of CTO.



Lead Software Engineer



Mela is a web application for on-the-field work management in many industries, facilitating communication across stakeholders during work execution on site.

The product’s strength lies in its simple user interface, in eliminating unneeded paperwork and in its use of machine learning to increase workers’ efficiency and safety on the field.

Mela has just begun, and its potential in industrial environments is huge; we need brilliant minds who can make important decisions and take the product to the next level.



The role is that of Lead Software Engineer in the growing Mela tech team. It entails dealing with a plethora of technological challenges, from designing the systems and product functionalities to developing, implementing and managing them. It also gives a chance to work closely with the founders to establish the long-term product and infrastructure strategy.

The successful candidate will be bright, proactive and motivated, capable of becoming a leader within the company in a short time and of guiding the company through technological challenges skilfully and innovatively.

The role can be held remotely and with utmost geographical flexibility.



The product uses the following technologies, and the role requires experience with most of them or the ability to master them within a short period of time:

Front end:



- JavaScript

- AngularJs

- NodeJs (with ExpressJs)

- Ionic Framework

- PouchDB (client-side databases)


Back end:

- NoSql databases (especially CouchDB)

- linux/ubuntu

Knowledge of the following languages is a plus:

- Objective-c / Swift

- Java


The application is a “hybrid” app developed using Cordova Apache and the Ionic framework. Familiarity with Cordova is a great starting point.


Please get in touch if you:

- live and breathe at the edge of technology

- have a positive can do attitude inspiring the rest of the team

- are not afraid of experimenting with the latest frameworks

- feel comfortable writing both web frontend and backend code

- understand HTTP APIs and have API design experience

- can do basic devOps tasks and can enforce best practices

- had exposure to mobile hybrid technology



To manifest your interest and for any questions, please write to info@mela.work